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Perl Builder 2.0
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The Leading Perl Editor / Debugger / IDE and Scripting Tool

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While Perl Builder is an editor/debugger/ide geared toward building your own scripts, less technical users may be interested in our hosted solutions, which offer professional-level power without the need for any programming or software installation.

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Who uses Perl Builder? 

America Online, Inc.
Bank of America
Bristol Meyers Squibb
Cisco Systems
Dell Computer
Harvard University
Jet Propulsion Lab
Lucent Technologies
Rockwell International
Sun Microsystems

and thousands of
other individual developers and organizations...



Download a FREE trial copy of the leading editor/debugger/IDE for perl today!

Perl Builder 2.0 is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl which runs on any 32 or 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows and combines a perl editor, a debugger, and other tools.

By bringing editing, testing and debugging features together into a single, intuitive environment, Perl Builder makes it easy to develop sophisticated Perl applications right on your desktop. Perl Builder 2.0 also includes a powerful CGI Wizard so that even non-programmers can easily create scripts.

Version 2.0 is a major upgrade with dozens of new features and refinements based directly on feedback from thousands of version 1.0 users.

Unlike most software companies, which charge for any update with new featuers, we have added dozens of new features to Perl Builder 2.0 since its initial release and made them all available as free downloads!

Perl Builder 2.0 is available in two versions: Standard and Professional. A detailed feature comparison is available here.

Perl Builder 2.0 Standard Scripting Tool for Windows

Whether you are a programmer or an HTML author/Website designer without a programming background, Perl Builder 2.0 Standard makes it fast and easy to create and test perl scripts.

Perl Builder's powerful CGI Wizard lets you design form-handling scripts visually. You can create scripts to handle any HTML form, validate user input, save user data to a file on your website, send multiple automatic emails, and then display personalized HTML output to the user--all without writing code!

The Standard version also includes a programmer's editor integrated with a full-featured visual debugger. You can create, debug and test scripts right on your desktop and see the results in your browser--just as if your script were running on the server.

Perl Builder 2.0 Professional IDE for Windows

Perl Builder 2.0 Professional includes all the editor and debugger features in the Standard version, as well as a number of more advanced features geared toward serious Perl developers who are looking for a powerful IDE and scripting tool.

Examples include additional productivity enhancements within the editor, features for easily debugging complex/multi-stage scripts, the ability to open and debug multiple scripts within the IDE, and built-in performance timing tools to help optimize your code. 

Perl Builder 2.0 includes a number of features geared specifically toward CGI scripts, but the environment fully supports developing Perl applications for any purpose--including interactive system administration scripts, Perl/TK applications, etc.

If you've used Windows programming tools like Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi, Perl Builder's IDE will be familiar to you. If not, you'll find the the visual environment can give you a dramatic productivity boost! 

While Perl Builder runs under Microsoft Windows, the  scripts you create may be used on any system which supports Perl (Unix,  Mac, etc.).

Download a FREE trial copy of the leading editor/debugger/IDE for perl  today!


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